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Is this a training or teaching program?

This is not specifically a teaching event. The applicant should have good understandings on programming, machine learning/deep learning, and TensorFlow. However, we will provide mentors to assist you on your project.

We won’t provide PCs. You need to bring your laptop. However, we will provide cloud server credits.

We will provide some public data sets but participants can also utilize their own data.


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Can I apply for partial participation? (i.e. only weekends)

Unfortunately No


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What are we doing during the one month program?

Basically, we design a deep learning model and fully implement using TensorFlow. It is also possible to (re) implement a published paper (by others) and adapt it for new datasets. Based on this, each participants will propose their own plans in their application.

Proposal examples

“I will implement paper X from 2016 NIPS Conference using TensorFlow and apply idea Y to the implementation”

“My goal is to add idea X to existing TensorFlow model Y and apply it to dataset Z” (Please justify why you are interested in the particular paper, model, dataset, etc. Write your proposal as detailed as possible as it will be the primary criteria to select participants.)

on Application link: The application for ML Camp Jeju 2017 is now closed.

Detailed proposal for Deep Learning Camp Jeju 2017 project (Please be as detailed as possible) CV that showcases applicant’s experience with deep learning and TensorFlow Previously implemented models (GitHub or other) Other supporting materials to show your qualification Application link: The application for ML Camp Jeju 2017 is now closed.

Benefits (TBD)

Full month of hands-on experience training deep learning models with TensorFlow and mentorship from top developers

Round-trip airfare to Jeju Island (up to $300 USD)

Accommodation in Kakao Space, Jeju

Stipend: 1,000 USD (can be used for the airfare, etc.)

Google Cloud Credit ($500~1000 TBD)

* Qualification


No nationality, gender, age, degree, education requirements

Must be able to stay in Jeju Island from July 3rd to 28th. (Weekday camp programs run from 10AM to 5PM)

Good understanding of TensorFlow and deep learning and ability to train models

Being able to release the code wirtten during the camp publicly on github

Basic communication skills in English (All programs will be in English)


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